It's Time for the International Twee Brigade

by the International Twee Brigade

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released December 30, 2014


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Track Name: Twin Peaks 2016 (1)
Who really pulled the trigger on JFK?
Does Double R still offer coffee for take away?

Is Donna Hayward still smoking cigarettes?
And was it Leo who drove that red corvette?

Did the pine weasel riot stop all activism?
And would "Stop Ghostwood" count as effective altruism?
Track Name: Dear Dale
Dear Dale Bartholomew Cooper – what are you up to these days?
Would you fancy visiting Ulm – we got good coffee and damn fine cafes?

…we could have donuts on the shore of the Donau
…we could chat about Tibet
….I could take you to the Weishaupt museum
….the sparrows are not what they seem – oh!

Track Name: Friday Nights In Ulm
Students are queuing at Myer’s for House music - till 12 the entry is free
Good for them, but I don’t really like House Music – it never meant anything to me

Greasy quiffs, tattoos and petticoats – Tonight at Swobster’s: Rockabilly
They offer dance-classes every second Saturday – but I was never an attendee in these

Jeffrey Lewis is playing at Kradhalle – I really wanted to go!
“Don’t be upset”? – Easier said that done – I got no tickets for the sold out show?

Irish Folk at Murphy’s is fine with me – great atmosphere! But, no offence,
People are sitting on chairs at tables and – that means: no space to dance

Another Friday, another: Eden – we love you
Another Friday, another: Eden – we love you
And Olga….Olga, we love you, too
And coffee, coffee we love you, too!
Track Name: All I Want For Christmas
the days are getting shorter
it’s beginning to snow
some people like to call it
christmas time, you know

all i want for christmas
with a side of you

you get home from work
and it’s already getting dark
more time for board-game evenings
instead of twee in the park

all i want for christmas is
with a side of
with a side of you

some people light four candles
I light a cigarette
and all my doubts gone now
and so are my regrets

I see a lot of christmas trees
from my balcony
and I put more items on my wish list:
Track Name: Verse Chorus Verse Coffee
From me to you
I give you a clue
another song about me and you

For you from me
In the key of G
another song and it goes like this maybe:

First there’s a verse
then maybe another
and then guess what comes next:

Verse Chorus Verse Chorus Verse Chorus Coffeee!
Verse Chorus Verse Chrous Instrumental part - Coffee

Now you say
there’s more than a dozen
songs about this particular topic
Now I say
you are right
but what about this?
Track Name: Soul A Go Go
Sorry to these guys whose feet I trampled on
But you must understand: Tainted Love was on!

I know we got off on the wrong foot today
But your feet move to the beat - everything’s gonna be okay!

And you ride with your bike
Through the city at midnight
Put the kickstand down
through the door and onto the dance floor

dance floor

Another half-smoked cigarette falls to the ground
And the reason for that is: Jackson 5 was on!

It’s already past midnight, the ghosts they roam the town
But for us it’s just time to leave our bedrooms

And I grab your hand
As the 7” records
Spin on the turntable
As we spin on the dancefloor…

dance floor
Track Name: Chin Up
Chin up! A cup of coffee is what you need
I hope it will bring you back on your feet
You say, “I’ m a grown-up! and that shouldn’t happen to me”
You say that you messed up, but that doesn’t matter to me
Track Name: Song for Ulm
Monday Morning, you’re still sleepy and although you kind of ran
You were late for the line 3 and so you missed your bus again
You’d been running out of coffee, so for breakfast only tea
You wanna go back to bed instead of going to university

The next bus is in half an hour so you decide to walk
All of a sudden you start smiling as your mind creates a thought….

Friday night everything’s gonna be alright
and all your worries gone
We’ll be “out on the floor” in Paradise
on Karlstraße Seventy-One

When you arrive at the lecture hall it’s already ten to eight
In front of the blackboard the teacher tells you off for being late
She talks about carbohydrates and monosaccharides
You put your head on the table slowly closing your eyes

Soon you’re fast asleep and in your dream you’re making plans
To meet up with the others, Sunday afternoon at Jan’s

Sunday everything’s gonna be alright – and uni miles away!
There’ll be coffee and cake and Monster Mix and “Walk away Renee”!
Track Name: I Might Never Leave
If you offer me a cup of coffee
I might never leave
If you offer me a cup of coffee
I might never leave

Cause I always assume
People get tired of me
After a while - seriously
I always seem to miss this moment by miles

If you offer me another cup I might stay until morning
I just want to give you a warning
I might even stick around to watch the sun rise
All I want to do is to advise you to think twice

Cause coffee seems to hit a reset button in me
Seriously - If you give me one more cup I might stay indefinitely

If just one person screams for an encore we’ll come back on stage
It’s just like this feeling when you don’t want to turn the page
Cause everything that will come next might not hold up
It’s like when you just had a weird dream and don’t want to get up

Cause coffee seems to hit a reset button in me
Seriously - If you give me one more cup I might stay indefinitely

If you offer me a cup of coffee
I might never leave...
Track Name: Twin Peaks 2016 (2)
Will the police have closed down dodgy One Eyed Jacks?
Does Agent Cooper still take his coffee black?

Will the Bookhouse Boys patch have a new design?
And will Norma’s coffee still be “damn fine”?

Will James Hurley be back from his ego trip?
And what will condescending Dick consider hip?

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